"They aren't paying me to perform on stage so what's the purpose?"

"All these open mic shows are the same. Same folks...same poems..."

"I'd love to come out and be surrounded by creativity. I just can't afford the cover charge and then pay for parking..."

"I'm not comfortable with sharing MY work so why even be there?"

"I just can't make the time to come out..."


Now that all the excuses are out of the way, hello....I'm LadyVee DaPoet and I'm here to let you know that I completely understand.

I've been writing poetry since middle school, performing spoken word since highschool, and I've attended almost every Open Mic metro Atlanta has to offer. These thoughts went through my mind OFTEN. Let's explore some of these thoughts:

Open Mic opportunities are just that--opportunities to rehearse and build your creative skill as a spoken word performer or a poet who recites their work. Participating in Open Mic Shows are a way to build confidence because you are in front of an accepting and appreciative audience (your fellow Quality Poets Group!). Who knows? The more people that are blessed by your words, the more doors open. I thought it was a waste of time to get up on stage and perform 'free gigs'...until people started coming up to me offering paid opportunities at their shows because they watched me grow up on stage as an artist.
Also, each and every time you grace the stage, you have the unique opportunity to touch someone in the audience with your words. Your words may be the healing someone needs, the advice they were waiting to hear, or give them a laugh they haven't felt in months. Those moments are priceless!

I went out to Open Mics all the time and they all started to be the same old show over and over again. That was my inspiration to get up on stage myself and change the game. I incorporated music, props, whatever to my poems and I created a show that I would enjoy to be entertained by! Over the past few days, I've gotten emails from poets, singers, drummers, and storytellers from our poetry group responding to a Kwanzaa ad I sent out. My question to them is, " That's great! Have we met? You have a wonderful talent...why not grace the stage at SIP Coffeehouse too?" Our Open Mic celebrates poets of every experience level but we also welcome the stage to ALL the creative arts (singers, musicians, visual artists, etc.) We love to be surrounding by everything so bring it on!

SIP has no cover charge and free parking. If you can't get a ride, the Lindbergh MARTA lets out directly across the street. The donations we receive all go toward improving our group and keeping our events FREE so it benefits you if you're an active member (can't wait for the cool stuff in 2009..8-) It's like we're investing in ourselves.
We're recession proof, baby!

And lastly, I've informed a few members that our group is a Meetup group. We strongly believe in the motto "Give support and Get Support". If it's hard to make the time to foster your creativity by coming out and getting inspired and encouraged by artistic thinkers...maybe an "online only" poetry critique group would be better to join?

This message was not meant to discourage or offend anyone. I just had some thoughts on my mind to share. I truly have a passion for Quality Creative Expression and I'm excited about the continuation of making The Quality Poets Society the very best it can possibly be!

Who's with me? Who's with me?!


jeffery sanders
12/21/2009 13:58

wow that was a touching piece..let no room for excuses...cali-isms

12/21/2009 14:15

Why, thank you Jeffery! Lover's of the art should support the art. No room for excuses, indeed. :)


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    LadyVee DaPoet is a spoken word artist and published poet originally from Augusta, GA. She is known as "the poet with her own theme music" and her poetry performances include props, music, and the visual celebration of descriptive language.


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