Walk deep within my eyes

Look at me the way you do

Smile as you hungrily touch me

And make me into your woman

I'm here, you're here, and together we define love

We grope for each other in the dark

We taste each other's lips and instantly remember how good it feels to be so close

To forget every other thing

Don't pleasure me

Don't perform for me

Instead, indulge yourself

Do to me what makes you moan, and sweat

And beg for it never to end

Lock me deep within your heart, my love

And take me

Whereever you go


In the midst of all the quiet you got an inner riot

Telling you to get up and break the silence

Take a step, try to intercept, try to break the mold

Remember what the past done told

Learn from mistakes, reinterate, back up...let's try again

Lookin' out for true friends - I can count them all on one hand

Trust the chosen few that understand and comprehend

What I'm going through - Try to find the meaning in the looking glass I'm lookin' through

Can you see the inner grief that's there lookin' back at me

Wondering how bring myself up out of this rut?

Take a step out of line before my time runs completely out

I hear them shout across the fence with the greener grass

I try to sleep to let it pass but it never fails

Dreams turn into fairytales

Fear tells me not to go / What about an obstacle? / What about what people think? / What about my future goals?

Should I let them fade away? Wait another day?

Then the way to escape might me gone

I'd sing a sad song

Can't go along with what might have been

I want my NOW to be remembered in the end

Let me send this message out to you

Rise UP from where you are

To plan for what you COULD do.


    LadyVee DaPoet is a spoken word artist and published poet originally from Augusta, GA. She is known as "the poet with her own theme music" and her poetry performances include props, music, and the visual celebration of descriptive language.


    March 2009


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